This is the final and most important step in restoring the natural beauty of your home or cabin. Northern Log Home Restoration cannot emphasize enough to the log home owner not to cut corners when it comes to the stain. It is our duty as professionals to use the highest quality products on the market today. So many times we see logs within a year or so turn black or the stain has begun to peel or lift. This is usually due to improper prepping of the logs or low quality stain which allows the sun to actually burn through the UV inhibitor of the stain which in return will give your logs a dark or black surface appearance.

Northern Log Home Restoration always takes great pride in the application process. Our company usually applies the stain by the use of a airless sprayer to ensure that there is enough product on the surface followed by aggressive back-brushing to properly work the stain in into the wood. We protect everything surrounding the project that could be in contact with light over spray which is common. These areas are covered by drop clothes or tarps. When done in a professional manner the logs will have a uniform appearance and last for numerous years as long as it is maintained in a regular basis.

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