Log Rot

Why are my logs starting to show signs of dry rot?

WATER! It's the most dangerous enemy of dry rot. Moisture is what triggers a fungus to start growing, eating away at the strength and stiffness of the wood. The are four leading factors needed to start the dry rot process are:

1. Temperature - between 60 - 90' Fahrenheit
2. Air - the fungus needs oxygen to grow
3. Food - the wood/log
4. Moisture - anytime moisture content is 20% or greater the wood will start to deteriorate.

As a professional restoration company it is our duty to detour water away from the logs as best as possible. Northern Log Home Restoration cannot stress enough how important it is to properly maintain your log home or cabin. Annual inspections of not only the logs is necessary but the entire structure. Be sure to check anywhere that water can enter the home things like the chinking, windows and checks to name a few. As we stated before, WATER is the most dangerous enemy to wood.

Do I have to replace the entire log?

Northern Log Home Restoration will inspect to see how far the rot has traveled into the wood to determine the options that are available. In most circumstances we are able to re-face the logs. Re-facing requires at least 50% of solid log left in the deepest section. The new half logs will be attached to the existing sound log by galvanized fasteners. Once the dry rotted area has been removed, a boron will be applied to the wood where the rot was present. Followed by brushing on a liquid resin formula to existing log to strengthen the wood fiber area before new log is attached. If less than 50% of solid wood remains we recommend replacing the whole log.

Northern Log Home Restoration offers an Annual Maintenance Program that will keep your investment looking beautiful for years to come. For more information on the program, please contact us.

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