Deck & Log Handrail System

Deck & Log Handrail Restoration

In most cases the deck and handrail system will need to be media blasted. Decks are usually neglected and restoration is the only way to bring back the original appearance. All dimensional lumber (Generally Platforms) will be sanded after being media blasted to achieve a smoother surface. The log railings, spindles, posts, etc. will be Osborne brushed to remove any felting of the wood prior to finishing.

Log rail systems usually are very susceptible to dry rot! Any rot that is detected upon inspection will be addressed immediately to prevent any further damage to the system. Most of the time we can repair/replace the dry rot areas without installing a costly new system.

Deck & Log Handrail Maintenance

Annual maintenance to deck and handrail systems is necessary to keep you deck looking pristine. We apply a wood brightener to the entire deck system and use a pressure washer to scour away dirt and contaminates ingrained in the wood. Then we allow 2-3 days drying time. No product will be applied unless moisture content is below 18%, a moisture meter will be used to indicate the amount of moisture. Then stain will be applied to deck and rail system.


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