Log Inspection: Do my logs need attention?

Visual signs to look for while inspecting your log structure.
As a homeowner, if you notice any of these failures please contact Northern Log Home Restoration to get a professional recommendation.

Stain Failure (Peeling)


The finish of your logs should never look like it’s beginning to flake off or can be scraped off by lightly using your fingernail. If your finish looks like the picture above, please address this problem to prevent the risk of dry rot.

UV Log Damage


UV damage is caused from exposure to sunlight and product failure. If you’re out in the sunlight without sunscreen you have a good chance of being sunburnt; same for your logs will without protection. The pigment in the stain on your home acts like a sunscreen and protects the logs from damage. This is mostly present on the topside of the log.

Log Rot


Caused by not caulking an upward check, log will need to be replaced!

Mildew and Fungus Growth


If you look at the logs toward the bottom of the picture, it shows the growth of mold and mildew on the tops of the logs. Attention is needed now before any more damage is done.

Failed Caulking/Chinking


Check your sealants, they should be free of any separations. Be sure to look for any upward checks on logs that are ¼ inch or larger. These areas need to be caulked using a foam backer rod followed by an acrylic latex caulking used to absorb all log movement.

Signs of Wood Boring Insects


Wood boring insects generally are Carpenter Ants, Carpenter Bees & Powder Post Beetle. Most of the time these wood boring insects are not actually eating your logs, they are however attracted to moist areas in your logs. If you notice any signs of these insects please address this issue as soon as possible.

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