Log Preservatives

PeneTreat Wood Preservative is highly toxic to wood-destroying insects and fungi. PeneTreat will help prevent log home bug infestation when properly applied; yet the treated logs and wood is nontoxic to humans or animals. PeneTreat is a borate-based wood preservative. Borates are well-known across the world for their protective qualities. And like other borates, PeneTreat is highly effective in the preven¬tion of most rot and wood-boring insects. When using PeneTreat, a protective “shell” coating helps defend your log home against dry, wet, and brown rot as well as termites, house borers, powderpost beetles and carpenter ants (to name a few). PeneTreat is not a Sapstain Control. Use PeneTreat on above-ground wood surfaces, including logs, timbers, log ends, dimensional lumber, siding, etc. Wood subject to direct moisture contact must be coated with a good water-repellent finish after treating with PeneTreat. Do not apply PeneTreat over an existing finish.


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