Log Chinking/Caulking

The third step in restoration is chinking. Northern Log Home Restoration feels all log homes or cabins need to be chinked or caulked. Customers often ask; what is the difference between chinking and caulking? The difference is caulking has a smooth appearance and chinking has a textured appeal. The main purpose of chinking is to protect your home from water and insect intrusion. Chinking is also a permanent answer to air leaks, no air leaks lower utility bill making your home an eco-friendly home. Remember that even small gaps between logs or in corners can act like a water trap and a home for unwanted insects leading to dry rot in the future. Pay close attention around windows and doors; if these areas are left unattended it is the equivalent to leaving a window or two open all night during winter months.


Northern Log Home Restoration uses a backer rod along with a very high quality chinking material that stretches to accommodate most log structures. When a log goes through the drying process there is movement that occurs as well as checking (cracks in the logs). Our recommendation is that all upward checks of 1/4 inch or larger be filled with a foam backer rod prior to being caulked. The foam backer rod has three main purposes. It allows the applicator a two point adhesion which in return provides better elasticity during log movement, uniform thickness of caulk, and it saves product which in return will save the customer money.

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